Farewell 2017…

As we wave away 2017 and welcome in the new year, I share with you my ups and downs of 2017 and my hopes to make 2018 amazing!


Soph x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Revieiw

Soph x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Review: The palette I’ve been looking for my whole life – affordable, a wide range of stunning colours and great quality/ pigmented eye shadows, keep reading to find out more...

Nanny’s Flapjacks

When I first made these Flapjacks, I had it improvise as I didn't have enough brown sugar so made it up with white. When my mum tried them, she instantly said that they taste exactly the same as the Flapjacks that my Nan used to make. This made me very happy so the white sugar … Continue reading Nanny’s Flapjacks

Last Minute Festival Packing Essentials

As someone who has been preparing for festival season for many weeks now, I feel like I'm finally prepared and have pretty much packed my bag ready for Latitude Festival (just 2 days to go!). However, if you aren't the prepared-for-everything type of person, you may find yourself running around last minute trying to throw … Continue reading Last Minute Festival Packing Essentials

Getting a Piercing – My Experience Getting my Nose Pierced!

On the 18th of May, I got my nose pierced. I have always wondered if I would suit a nose piercing and have played around with nail gems and eyelash glue to get an idea of what it would look like but I finally decided to just get it done and I am so happy … Continue reading Getting a Piercing – My Experience Getting my Nose Pierced!

Give Peace a Chance?

After the horrific events in Manchester last night at the Ariana Grande concert, I was debating whether or not to upload my planned blog post (which will be up next week instead) however alternatively, I thought that in memory of all those affected in the attacks in Manchester and the many others that have also … Continue reading Give Peace a Chance?